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By using negative ion and Dual UVC + UVA technology, purify indoor and car air in just 6 minutes. Negative ions actively attract the polluted microparticles in the air which are always positively charged, thus making the invisible PM2.5 form into clusters and fall down. The negative ions can damage the bacterial protein to make them weak or dead, thus making air purified and deodorized. UV technology could stimulate the catalytic action of the photocatalyst, to generate more hydroxyl radicals and active oxygen ions. It is turning oxygen and water into a strong oxidizing active oxygen anion and hydroxyl radicals, which is able to oxidize bacteria and viruses.

- Intelligent real-time monitoring function, display air purification condition

- Air purification in just 6 mins, it covers 100 square feet

- 15 million negative ions per second

- 99.99% purification + dust removal 

- Last for 240mins after full charges 

- Included an extra adaption kit for car usage

- Black and White color for selection



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