Uni-Nippon - Uni Nippon Hair Growth Laser Comb | Inhibit hair loss | Grow healthy hair

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    "Uni-Nippon Hair Growth Laser Comb " with optical bio-stimulation techniques (Photo Bio Simulation Technology), will raise the level of follicle cells of ATP. ATP allows the cells to produce adequate nutrition, so that the hair follicles to grow up healthy and inhibiting effect on hair loss.


    It is recommended to use one time a day, each irradiation stay for 10 minutes.

    Recommended course of treatment

    General use eight weeks began to improve after alopecia, alopecia site also began to have signs of immature hair growth, three months later, you can see the thicker and darker grow new hair. Recommended continuous use for 6-9 months.

    Packing specification 

    Power Supply: DC 3.0 V (AA Battery x 2) or DC 3.6 V (Power Adapter) Rates Output: 3.6V=0.3A (Supplied by SELV/DC adaptor) Adaptor Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz0.15A Adaptor Output: DC3.6V-1000mA  


    Warning: Do not let the laser contact eye.

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