QHMS Health Screening | Men's Health | Aged 30+/40+/50+

QHMS Health Screening | Men's Health | Aged 30+/40+/50+


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Aged 30 or above: HK$2680
Aged 40 or above: HK$4380
Aged 50 or above: HK$7780

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1. Fill in the application form which sent to your registered email after payment

2. You will receive the e-vouch by email in 3 working days after completion of the application form

3. You can call to make an appointment after receiving the e-voucher


Medical report for the health check plans shall be ready within 14 working days after the examination

General Examination Preparation:

Blood Test
- Fasting (i.e. no food and drinks) is required for blood glucose and blood lipids test. Please fast for at least 8 hours before the scheduled appointment (Moderate amount of drinking water is allowed)

Stool Test
- Please bring along a stool sample to the medical centre on the day of examination. Stool bottle can be obtained from any Quality Health Care Physical Check-up centres
- If stool sample is taken from the night before, please ensure the bottle is tightly capped and refrigerated at 4°C

Treadmill Test (Exercise ECG)
- Dress in casual clothing, preferably in sportswear and sports shoes
- Do not apply lotion, oil or powder to the chest area
- Do not eat too much prior to the examination
- If you are taking any regular medications, please follow your doctor's dosage instruction before and after the examination

Examination Preparation for Male:

Ultrasound of Upper Abdomen*/Prostate
- If you will undergo Ultrasound of Upper Abdomen/Prostate, drink a lot of water until you have full bladder 30 minutes prior to the examination
* Fasting for at least 6 hours prior to the examination

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