Modern elegant Ultrasonic aroma diffuser with Himalayan Salt | Applicable to Office, Home, Bedroom

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The 200ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp, combines the therapeutic properties of a pure Himalayan salt lamp with the soothing aromatherapy of an essential oil diffuser.

Heated Himalayan Salt Stone can release negative ions, effectively improving the air quality, improve your health index. Pure natural orange light can relieve pressure and create a romantic and warm environment. In addition, ultrasonic vibration will release water and essential oil molecules into the air, bringing you healthy and fragrant experience.

  • USB charging port, convenient and quick to operate

  • Product Size: 96.5 x 96.5 x 112.5 mm

  • The product is suitable for any room, office, entertainment place or gymnasium. It is also a perfect gift choice to bring your love to your friend and make him / her have a healthy and ideal indoor environment.

  • (Natural salt rock, even in the same specification range, each one is unique, with differences in shape, size, weight, and color depth. There may also be some traces of rock faults. These are normal rock characteristics instead of quality problem.)

Main benefits of the Himalayan Salt

  1. Help to purify the air, deodorize, absorb moisture and keep the environment fresh.

  2. Naturally Anti-Microbial. Resist the growth of mold and bacteria.

  3. Help to reduce static electricity in the air

  4. Help to neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

  5. Help to reduce allergies and asthma symptoms.

  6. Help to improve skin problems such as eczema & psoriasis.

  7. Help to speed up wound healing

  8. Friendly to the respiratory system

  9. Help to have better sleeping quality

  10. Help to improve mood and concentration

  11. Help to reduce stress and depression (seasonal affective disorder), balance the endocrine system and calm mood swings

  12. Help to relax deep tissues, benefit body health, and bring vitality to the body

  13. Help to increase energy levels, enhance immunity & vital capacity.

  14. Help to cleanse and detox




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