Q: How many coupon can I use for every single purchase?
A: Member can use ONE coupon code for every single purchase.

Q: What is the purpose of providing my personal information for Basic Memberships?

A: Basic members are eligible to enjoy Healthppy pop-up medical welfare. Your personal information will ONLY be used to integrate with Healthppy medical network, click privacy policy and our terms of service to know more.

Q: Is Healthppy Membership Card an insurance product?
A: No. Healthppy Membership card is a membership programme to allow members enjoy the discounted coupon codes and member-specific medical welfare under our network.

Q: Can I claim my personal insurance plan for the consulting fee?
A: Since the scheme is offering a medical welfare with member-specific fee, spending under Healthppy membership card is not eligible for claiming personal insurance.

Q: How can I contact Healthppy when I encounter any problem?
A: To save running cost and generate most favorable offer to our members, Healthppy does not own any physical store. You may contact by clicking here.

    Q: Is there limitation on cardholder’s age?
    A: There is no age limit for registration. For cardholder’s age under 18, parent/guardian's information should be provided as a contact point.

    Q: Can I register as Healthppy member if I’m not Hong Kong permanent resident?
    A: Healthppy welcome non-Hong Kong members to enjoy our community. After register as a basic member, non-Hong Kong/Macau ID card holder may join our Healthppy Blue Card Membership for more benefit and welfare.

    Q: What can I do if I lost my virtual membership card?
    A: Please contact our Customer Service Team by clicking here.

    Q: Does Healthppy advertise or prefer any doctor?
    A: No, we do not advertise for any doctor, nor suggest/recommend you to see any doctor. Besides, we do not receive any commission from any doctor.